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              Technological Innovation??

              Key Research Development Areas

              Exploration & Production Technology

              ?Exploration technology for marine sedimentation

              ?Exploration technology for

              ?continental sedimentation


              Refining Technology

              ?Refining Technology?

              ?Refining & chemical integrated


              Chemical Technology

              ?Olefins & Aromatics production technology

              ?Basic organic raw material production


              Utility Engineering Technology

              ?Safety technology

              ?Energy saving technology


              Major Technology DevelopmentNew Products DevelopmentNew energy

              We adhered to problem-solving orientation and accelerated making breakthrough in key and frontier technologies. In E&P technology, we further developed enrichment theory and exploration technology for marine phase large and medium-sized gas fields in Sichuan Basin. The stable production technology for shale gas field supported the increasing production in Fuling gas field.


              Integration of Industrialization and Informatization

              We committed to the new development philosophy. We promoted deeper integration of internet, big data, AI with petroleum and chemical industry, stepped up digital and smart transformation, and fostered new drivers of growth based on IT application.

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