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              Key Research Development Areas

              Exploration & Production Technology

              (1) Exploration technology for marine sedimentation
              (2) Exploration technology for continental sedimentation
              (3) Exploration technology for unconventional hydrocarbon resources
              (4) Effective technology for hard-to-develop reserves
              (5) Enhanced oil recovery technology
              (6) Geophysics technology under complicated conditions
              (7) Drilling and logging technology
              (8) Reservoir reconstruction technology
              (9) Oilfield chemicals technology
              (10) Apparatus, tools and equipment technology

              Refining Technology

              (1) Low-grade crude processing and increasing light oil yield technology
              (2) Clean fuel production technology
              (3) Refining & chemical integrated technology
              (4) Lubricant & other oil products production technology
              (5) Refinery energy saving and emissions reduction technology
              (6) Unconventional energy resources refining technology

              Chemical Technology

              (1) Olefins & Aromatics production technology
              (2) Basic organic raw material production technology
              (3) Polyolefin production technology
              (4) Production technology of monomer & polymer of synthetic fiber
              (5) New product development technology of synthetic resin, fiber & rubber
              (6) Fine chemicals & Biochemical technology
              (7) Novel energy resource & new materials technology

              Utility Engineering Technology

              (1) Safety technology
              (2) Environment friendly technology
              (3) Energy saving technology
              (4) Equipment long-cycle operation technology
              (5) Oil & gas storage and transportation technology
              (6) Instrumentation Automation technology
              (7) Major equipment production technology

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